Pink Lemonade

The 1st co-branding products with our favorite local influencer. LIQUA x Karotka aroma limited edition is now available in Pink Lemonade and Vanilla Rolls flavors

Flavor description

I tasted pink lemonade for the first time in a foreign fast food chain and knew I had to get it into my vaping. A slightly sweet taste blasted with the fine citrus. And I feel like I've succeeded

Flavor profile

  • Fresh
  • Cream
  • Sweet
  • Strong


Concentrated 12ml Shake & Vape aroma in 70ml bottle with space to add PG/VG Base and Nicotine Booster. 
Will be ready to vape in just 5 minutes.

Classification of the mixture according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008:

Lemon, ext. May cause an allergic skin reaction.

If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children. Store out of direct sunlight in a dry place at 15 to 25 ºC. Wear protective gloves. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. Take off contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse. Dispose of contents/container to by handing over to the person authorized to dispose of waste or by returning to the supplier. 

Manufacturer: Ritchy EU s.r.o., Karla Engliše 519/11, Praha 5, 15000, Czech Republic, phone: 225 067 840

My name is Lukáš and I have been performing in the world of vaping under the nickname Karotka since 2014, when I started creating videos for vapers. I started vaping 3 years earlier – in 2011. Vaping was a healthier alternative to classic smoking for me and perfectly replaced it.

“Try my limited

Pink Lemonade

I tasted pink lemonade for the first time in a foreign fast food chain and knew I had to get it into my vaping. A slightly sweet taste blasted with the fine citrus. And I feel like I've succeeded.

Vanilla Rolls

Christmas! I remember one wonderful thing from every Christmas - visiting my great-grandmother, who bakes the best vanilla rolls. They were always sweet, vanilla with a slight bitterness of nuts. And I've been trying to bake such rolls at home for years. I didn't succeed, but I decided that I want to have this...

Years of love

LIQUA has been awarded four times consecutive
Czech Superbrands awards in the years 2020 - 2023

Simple to use

Easy mixing with the unique spout and our ergonomic 70ml bottle


Simple & clear mixing guide on the box and on the bottle

It’s personal

Make your vape experience more personal You decide how the e-liquid will be mixed

Long life

E-liquid is a product that is readily oxidized when exposed to oxygen. We use Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen to remove air from products in order to have stable quality of aroma and avoid oxidation during validity period.

How to use

Press the cap down & unscrew it completely. place the cap on the spout & remove it under 45 angle

Add the booster

Range of desired strengths are market on the bottle. Pour the nicotine booster to the level of your preferred strength

Add the PG/
VG base

Fill up PG/VG base to the mark 60ml on the bottle sticker

Shake for 1 minute

Wait for 5 minutes before using. For the best result wait 24 hours before use. Enjoy the experience!

Around the Globe

Liqua products are demanded and supplied to over 85+ countries around the Planet

Proudly Made in Czechia

Location at the crossroads of Europe has resulted in a rich blend of traditions and styles, making each Liqua e-liquid flavour truly one-of-a-kind

You Can Trust

Commitment to make less toxic vape products in industry

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All-day vape

E liquid with a permanent vape flavors you can come back to over and over again

No secrets

The only brand sharing product safety data and disclosing all ingredients in our products.

List of ingredient


In-house developed security and batch tracking system. Every Liqua lover can validate a product is genuine by simply scanning the QR-code on the packaging and verifying authenticity online.

Сheck the authenticity


In-house laboratory tests 100% of all upcoming batches of raw materials for safety and standards.

The Process

Rigorously observed at all times to ensure complete isolation of surface contamination between different liquids has allowed for many years of manufacture of uncontaminated products with pure favours

0.1% precision

Unique gravimetric method of e-liquid components compounding more in line with pharmaceutical standards with a mixing accuracy variance is better than 0.1%.

Above standards

LIQUA product fits all the EU TPD/CLP requirements and goes beyond by monitoring and complying with even more strict local legislation established by individual EU countries.

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Doesn’t leak

All e-liquids are passed through vacuum testing. This process allows us to ensure all containers are uncontaminated and airtight when packed, and the end customer only ever receives a product that is in perfect condition.

Not a food

E-liquid flavour is not a food, we use flavors specifically made for vaping not for food

100% control

We store a sample from every single batch. This enables technicians to quickly and thoroughly analyze a product for any inconsistencies for exactly the same time as the product in a shop

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Pink Lemonade

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