Product Proofs — Karotka aroma

My name is Lukáš and I have been performing in the world of vaping under the nickname Karotka since 2014, when I started creating videos for vapers. I started vaping 3 years earlier – in 2011. Vaping was a healthier alternative to classic smoking for me and perfectly replaced it.

“Try my limited

Pink Lemonade

I tasted pink lemonade for the first time in a foreign fast food chain and knew I had to get it into my vaping. A slightly sweet taste blasted with the fine citrus. And I feel like I've succeeded.

Vanilla Rolls

Christmas! I remember one wonderful thing from every Christmas - visiting my great-grandmother, who bakes the best vanilla rolls. They were always sweet, vanilla with a slight bitterness of nuts. And I've been trying to bake such rolls at home for years. I didn't succeed, but I decided that I want to have this...