The Right Vape
For Smokers

First of all — we are ex-smokers. We started smoking a long time ago and it took us 10–20 years to research all details about smoking and vaping.
Vaping can be a great solution that allows smokers to substantially decrease health impact, get rid of bad smell, and almost eliminate fire hazards.

But how does existing vaping deliver on the smokers' absolutely critical needs? Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.
of all smokers want to quit cigarettes
is actively trying to do so right now

Detailed understanding of smokers needs is a key to success

Nicotine feel
We set ourselves a goal to make a new vaping product that would be an ideal combination of safety, convenience, and economy and that would work for cigarette smokers.

Why existing vaping products are not good enough
Vaping products have become very popular in the last 10 years, in many countries vaping is considered as a life-saving alternative to cigarettes, but most of the existing vaping solutions do not provide the full satisfaction for cigarette smokers, for example:
Disposable E-cigarettes
Ready-To-Vape Liquid
Shortfill Liquid
The most convenient
Unsatisfactory nicotine feel
10x higher price than cigarettes
Quite convenient
Unsatisfactory nicotine feel
3x higher price than cigarettes
Not enough battery even for half-day
Same price as cigarettes
Less convenient
Not optimal nicotine feel
Requires basic knowledge
Large flavor choice on the market
Complicated device choice to make
Actually more expensive than RTV
Liquid consumption is too high
is for smokers!
•‎ Delivers full nicotine feel
•‎ Works as Device and Liquid created for each other
•‎ Cost 30% lower than cigarettes
This is an innovation in vaping for smokers, the nicotine salts and matching device*, that:
* LIQUA 4S VINCI device will be available soon.
We deliver
the full nicotine
Traditional e-liquids have different pH balance and create a very strong Throat-Hit. Most devices are not generating proper particle size.

We have spent years fixing that.
The combination of LIQUA 4S device and 4S Liquid creates the same nicotine delivery as traditional cigarettes. LIQUA 4S is not just another nicotine salt, it's a unique recipe that we have been gradually improving over the last 5 years.
Result: you do not need to smoke cigarettes!

Lower cost than smoking
Prefilled Pods
more affordable than cigarettes
* Based on the RITCHY consumer research in Czech Republic. Individual consumption can vary.
Today the average smoker in the EU spends around 130 EUR per month on a smoking habit.

We believe that any cigarette smoking alternative should not be more expensive than smoking. So-called "heat-not-burn" products, various prefilled PODs are now more expensive for consumers.

LIQUA 4S is designed to decrease average smoker expenses by 30% compared to cigarettes. It's all about choosing a smart and innovative solution!

Liqua 4S is the best vaping solution for smokers
Unique Nicotine Salt Recipe
Economy & Simplicity
One bottle replaces
two packs of cigarettes
Full match of Safety & Nicotine delivery as smokers expect.
New and all-times favorite flavors for smokers
20mg/ml nicotine salt with All-day-vape flavors

Safety is all
Millions of consumers since 2010. Responsible and compliant in 85+ countries. Complete and open safety profiling.
Max Kosenko,
Chief Executive Officer
"As an ex-smokers we've spent last 10 years improving safest products that do the job — never smoke again."
LIQUA is one of the most proven and safest product in the market
RITCHY has publicly shared its e-liquids ingredients. RITCHY spends significant time on testing all safety aspects of LIQUA.
LIQUA received Czech Superbrands 2020 award
The Superbrands program is an independent global authority assessing and evaluating brands for the last 20 years.

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